As a small business owner, David Bachman understands first hand Pennsylvania’s job-killing tax hikes and over-regulation.  As our State Representative, David Bachman will stand up against attempts to raise taxes on families and small business.

As a home builder, David Bachman has seen first-hand the devastating effects of property taxes.  They are forcing our senior citizens out of their homes, squeezing the checkbooks of middle-aged taxpayers and making it nearly impossible for young people to buy a home.  As our State Representative, David Bachman will fight for meaningful property tax reform and elimination.

In 2016, over 4,500 Pennsylvanians died from drug overdoses.  The opioid epidemic that is sweeping the country, knows no economic or geographic boundary and has affected Pennsylvanians across the state.  

David Bachman will combat the heroin and opioid epidemic by going after the suppliers of the drugs, restricting overprescribing of opioid painkillers, improving treatment for addicts and education for children and families.  

Pennsylvania is blessed with an abundance of resources and a workforce that is second to none, unfortunately we lag behind other states in job creation and opportunities.  Pennsylvania imposes some of the country’s most burdensome taxes and regulations on businesses.

As our State Representative, David Bachman will spur economic development through tax cuts and regulatory reform that will make Pennsylvania’s business climate more attractive for new employers and less burdensome for existing businesses

For far too long, Harrisburg has let down the hard working families of Pennsylvania.  David Bachman is committed to bringing about much needed change, reform and certainty to Harrisburg.  He wants to take the power away from Harrisburg special interests and return it to the taxpayers. David Bachman supports:

  • Banning tax dollars being used to settle sexual harassment claims
  • “No Budget No Pay” legislation for the Legislature, Governor and staff if the Budget is not passed and signed on time.
  • Term limits for legislators
  • Reducing the size of the legislature

Public safety is the most important function of government and ensuring the safety of our children and grandchildren must be our highest priority.  

We have security at our airports, government buildings and sporting events there is no excuse for not providing security in our schools.  Our children deserve to learn and live in a safe environment.

David Bachman supports providing funding for school safety for additional security, training, and preparedness.